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Oversized Scrunchie - The Gemma

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For that little bit more, the beautifully handmade oversized scrunchie brought to you by The Cushion Maven

Material - Cotton
Size - 9-10" (23 cm - 25 cm)
Colours - navy, floral

Recommended Care

Washing and drying instruction symbols

1. Soak in gentle cleaning solution for 5-10 minutes

2. Air-dry

3. To re-fluff (even without washing), place in tumble dryer for 5-10 mins, using minimum heat setting

4. Wear and be fabulous

Approximate Sizings

Cotton Oversized Scrunchies - 9"

Silky & Soft Touch Oversized Scrunchies - approx 10-11"


Oversized Scrunchie - The Gemma

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